Play It Forward utilizes patented and proven effective Virtual Experience Immersive Learning Simulations (VEILS®) created by WILL Interactive, Inc., one of the most successful serious gaming and computer-based simulation developers in the U.S.

What is VEILS®?

A powerful user-centric simulation system that combines the engagement power of video games and movies into a new education and training medium.

Movie reel and pointer

What makes VEILS® different?

VEILS® methodology utilizes a unique combination of instructional design, behavioral science, adult learning theory, gaming theory, script writing, filmmaking, video editing and software-development to create simulations that have been shown to decrease training time while improving individual decision-making and performance.

How does VEILS® work?

Users participate in real-life situations, make real-life choices and experience the consequences of their actions, all in a full-motion video landscape.

Comes with a wide array of accountability and assessment options that can be tailored to individual audiences.

The desire to “win” coupled with the robustness and flexibility of VEILS® software allow players to retrace their steps and explore different choices, building and further reinforcing critical thinking and decision-making skills.

Allows learners to make tough decisions in the safety of cyberspace before encountering them in real life.

Any Awards?

Award Company LogosVEILS® have won over 50 awards in the past 10 years, far more than any other educational simulation solution. These awards include all of the top honors given for technological solutions and effectiveness in the fields of training and education, including three prestigious SIIA CODiE Awards, and multiple New York Festival Awards, Brandon Hall Excellence in Learning Awards, Association of Educational Publisher Awards, and the highest National Training and Simulation Association Honors.

Proven Effectiveness

GraphsFive independent evaluations conducted on the effectiveness of these simulations all indicate that VEILS® actually help improve human performance in real life. VEILS® have been evaluated by: Boston University School of Public Health, Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, Army Research Laboratory, U.S. Naval Academy Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership and MEDSTAR Health. We know of no other instructional methodology that has achieved this level of indicated effectiveness.