Is there a learning objective specific to your organization that is critical to your success?

Focused Expertise

Do you have a critical training need? We come to you. The professional combination of our expert practitioners using the most effective simulations available today will draw your target audience in, make them become an active part of the learning experience, and positively change their attitudes and behaviors.


Your audience will participate in real-life situations, make real-life choices and experience the consequences of their actions, all in a full-motion video landscape. We allow learners to make tough decisions in the safety of cyberspace before encountering them in real life. Combined with a facilitated open discussion with your audience, we reach your learners cognitively and affectively.

Is it important that your trainees/students actually learn and apply the information presented?

You can team with Play It Forward Solutions to create a Virtual Experience Immersive Learning Simulation (VEILS®) that is cost-effective, accommodating, engaging, consistent, and proven effective to positively change attitudes and behaviors.

VEILS® will make your learning objective come to life, your audience will love the experience and you will look and perform like a seasoned pro.

Past & Present Clients

National Football League, McGraw Hill, U.S. Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, Fannie Mae, Department of Health and Human Services, FBI, Joint Chiefs of Staff, Anti-Defamation League
As well as...
  • Every U.S. Military service
  • New Jersey State Police
  • Pentagon Force Protection Agency
  • hundreds of hospitals and law enforcement agencies
  • tens of thousands of educational institutions
and many, many more progressive organizations