Experienced trainers can become certified practitioners by successfully completing our Online Certification Exam.

If you are an experienced trainer and would like to sign up to take the on-line certification program to demonstrate your knowledge and ability to deliver our cutting-edge simulations, please provide the following information. Once you’ve completed the information on this page, you will be requested to pay the on-line certification fee and then will be taken to the exam.

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Exam Information:

Questions: 33

Passing Grade: 82% (27 correct responses)

Time Allotted: 60 minutes

Resources: You must take the exam by yourself, but may use any of your training resources as reference

Retaking the exam: You may take the exam up to 3 times within a 1-year window

Exam Fee: $299 - Regular fee $449 (Savings of $150)

Reimbursement: No reimbursements will be provided. However, if a candidate does not pass the exam, he / she will have the option of applying their paid exam fee as a credit, to offset the price of attending an in-person Training Camp.